Is sales about attitude?

Yes! is the simple answer – sales is about attitude.

For example:

Each time we look in the mirror, sit down and when we pick up the phone and sell – it’s about attitude

Cognitive psychology investigates internal mental processes such as problem solving, memory and language. This is the development of thoughts and actions for the environment around you.

The attitude that we project into the world gives us the results we deserve. If we think negative, the result will be negative, if we think positive, the result will be positive. Don’t agree with me?

  • You pick up the phone knowing that you are going to be rejected – you get rejected
  • You’re about to go on a date knowing that it is going to suck – it sucks
  • You go for a job interview knowing that you are not going to get the job – you don’t get the job
  • …need I say more?

So, what is this powerful word that dictates our results in sales?

Depending on context there are a few definitions but in the realm of success in sales it lies in outlook, feeling and frame of mind. Do you have what it takes?

Within this powerful word; tenacity and optimism go hand-in-hand. If you lack one of these then you will fail in sales, life, relationships, finance and so on. There will always be a grey cloud hovering above your head.

The tenaciousness that makes a “good” sales person / entrepreneur is the ability to fall down, get back up and brush the dust off, then get straight back to what he/she was doing. Moving forward he/she learns and plans to be one step ahead; to be prepared for where an opportunity may lead and to learn how to turn a rejection around to put ‘him/her back in control. Again, it’s about attitude. This time it is of resilience.

Sales is a competition, not just with your competitors but also with yourself, and if you don’t like the heat, get out of the kitchen!

In sales attitude is everything

What would happen should you make a #coldCall and are afraid? That answer is the same as that of a lion eating a wildebeest. You WILL get ripped apart.

This frame of mind also contributes towards the outcome of competing in a full-contact sport – your opponent sees it, smells it and feels it, and if you are not ready…well you know what the outcome will be.

Attitude is everything in sales

If your attitude for success isn’t there, you will be defeated without even trying. Your opponent will win for one simple reason: The attitude for sales is about succeeding and being on top of your game, which is the exact opposite of being a #defeatist.

Until you believe in yourself, your product, service or solution, your attitude will not shift and attempting sales is a waste of time! As goes for relationships: if you don’t believe in the relationship or yourself you will always end up alone. Or worse, you could end up marrying the wrong person!


Throughout my years I have seen quite a few different types of sales professionals including those who constantly cane the handset otherwise known as ‘bashing the phone’ (with little sales effect). By contrast there is “the 1980’s sales guy” who would say anything to get through to the CEO. These guys are the talkers, they have that gift of the gab, they hard sell. Be it unscrupulous or not, they visualize the sale and go for it; selling is their thing.

My favourite type of sales professionals are the consultants because of their attitude and approach. Not only do consultants prep for numerous scenarios and rejections but they have to remain sharp and focused. I believe this approach to sales gives them an edge over the other type of sales professionals.

There are those who are happy to go out, get wasted and have a laid-back attitude / approach before proceeding with a sale. This doesn’t sit well with me and should not sit well with you, either. I feel this is the wrong attitude, which usually yields mediocre results, however I know that it is sometimes down to company culture and that sales professionals are required to socialize and not be as focused as they could or even should. Mediocre culture equals mediocre results.

How do we acquire this attitude to succeed in sales?

For those who are looking for a #quickFix; there isn’t one! It’s an ongoing process and does not happen overnight. Take each day as it comes and do something that improves your outlook – YOUR ATTITUDE.

This might include changing your circle of friends; surrounding yourself with positive and successful people, changing the way you speak / learning to articulate your message, adjusting your appearance / #dressToImpress, adjusting your posture / standing up straight with your chest out and making sure (that) you have a straight back whilst sitting at the desk. Start reading books and watching YouTube videos on how to up your game, for starters. Attitudes can change and be as temperamental as the weather.

The take-awayAttitude is something that can be learnt! For some it’s inherent whilst for others it is an ongoing process.

Sales is a process and it begins with your attitude before you pick up the phone.

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