Recruitment sales training

If you are looking to increase your client base or step up into a full 360 role then Recruitment Sales course is ideal.

Who is this course for?

Created for those that are either new to recruitment through to account managers wanting to step up into a more fully fledge role; alternatively the course acts as a refresher to those already in the recruitment field.

What is included in the course?

This Recruitment Sales Course includes but is not limited to :-

  • Prepping yourself and mind before any sales call
  • Knowing whom you are going to speak to and the reason why you are calling (buyers perspective)
  • Developing and building on those relationships; develop rapport
  • Interviewing clients
  • Capturing client requirements
  • Screening candidates

Other areas covered, are :-

  • Appointment Setting & Negotiating rates etc
  • Working with and getting around PSLs
What are the advantages of a “Recruitment Sales Course”?

There are many advantages when learning how to sell / BD.

Firstly, the number of calls made to get meetings and commitment drops. This will allow you and the team to continue developing the business and searching for qualified candidates. Imaging the time saved!.

Secondly, you don’t burn leads! How many leads have you already burnt? You can’t go back and make a second impression. Those leads and juicy looking accounts are gone! Remember, first impressions last.

Thirdly, avoid stonewalling. After all the work done, it’s a horrid feeling in you stomach when this happens. Let’s avoid this where possible.

Fourthly, negotiation. Learn how to get the best deal in certain situations that don’t favour you. There is always a “win win” outcome for both the recruiter and client; even if it doesn’t appear that way.

The list of advantages goes on…and if you would like to find out more click the link below.

If you feel there might be value in having a short conversation with no commitment, click here and let’s talk.