Make Each Call Count

Make Each Engagement Matter

Our solutions cover a variety of areas within the sales arena. Along with our recruitment programs we also have a strong focus on telephone etiquette and the art of cold calling to success.

The methods, techniques and processes offered are from real world experience.

Sales Training

Whether you are new to sales or making 100 calls a day. This course is designed to get you down from making 100 per day to a reasonable number of *successful calls

Recruitment Sales

If you are an account manager wanting to step up into a full 360 role or need to grow your client list. Then this is designed to get you in front of perspective clients, convert them and deliver after possible negotiations.

Recruitment Training

Our proven methods are designed to give recruiters a comprehensive approach to best practice and staying on top of their pipeline and delivering.

developing a desk from scratch through to incorporating a recruitment business (London, HK and Singapore).


If you are falling short of targets set and slow on sales – let’s arrange a short call to get you and your business back on its feet.